Technical Requirements

View from a Window – Technical requirements

South Granville Seniors Centre and Seniors Create Project | 778-385-9796

House capacity: intimate is better, maximum audience 250, (negotiable)

Playing space: about 15 feet across by 12 feet deep, (negotiable)

Lighting: very basic, house plot will be fine, with two sections that need a bit of warm focus

Sound: very simple with about 4 or 5 sound cues

Secure green room with light hospitality, (coffee and muffins,) if more than one performance in a day.  Venue must be a dedicated space for audience and performers, free from outside noise disturbance.

Project process: in the fall of 2016 and winter 2017, workshops were held with seniors about what it feels like to age in today’s youth-centric, fast-paced society.  Those stories were transcribed into written form and turned into a theatrical performance, with Yvonne Adalian, Bernard Cuffling, Richard Newman and Gina Stockdale** acting under the direction of Natasha Nadir.  The performance is a view of seniors not currently widely represented in the mainstream.  The performance has a talk-back for audience members to share their stories about life with or as a senior.

Marketing suggestions: a matinee to invite local seniors care facilities, seniors’ centres, and senior care service organizations, with an evening performance for general public.  The performance appeals to a wide audience demographic from young adults, (“learn the secrets to aging gracefully!”) to senior-aged adults and their caregivers.

Length of engagement: 1.5 hours

The performance is 55 minutes, with a 30-minute talk-back. The talk-back is vital to the performance. We begin by introducing the performers and the performance process, how the script is the actual words collected from stories told by seniors.  The audience is invited to share their stories about being a senior or life with a senior.  Light hospitality, tea/coffee and biscuits served right before the talk-back also works well. Create a “tradeshow” opportunity. Invite local seniors service organizations for seniors to learn more about services in your community.

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