“Thank you once again for providing all of us at Seniors Services Society with such a heart-felt performance. The actors and yourself, did an amazing job!” – spring 2018 presenter

“Thanks to you and your group for sharing the perspectives of seniors and their lives. It is everything I know, but I was glad to be reminded again by this profound performance. Everyone did an excellent job and I am thankful that I got to experience the show.” – audience member

“ ‘View From a Window’ was well done.  How I identified with the a number of the comments!  Some touched me in ways that I thought I was beyond.  That’s why I left a little early – I didn’t want to get too emotional.” – audience member

“That was one of the best presentations/seminars I have attended so far!!..great job to bring them in!!..I teared up a little, I know I wasn’t the only one..makes you think about life.” – audience member 

 “It will be wonderful to listen to and encourage the stories of the invisible minority- about the individuals inside, who they were, who they are now. I feel invisible nowadays, I still feel the me is there but on the outside I am just a frail old lady.  I am so glad you are doing this project.” – 85 year old phase one workshop lead

“The connections to Dr. Cohen’s findings are clear and ‘…point to powerful positive inter-vention effects of these community-based art programs run by professional artists. They point to true health promotion and disease prevention effects.’ ” – The Arts and Health Project: The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and Vancouver Coastal Health